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Dear Friend,

I've read (and sold) just about every seduction guide on the market, I even personally know many of the authors... and I can honestly tell you that "The Player's Black Book" is the greatest guide to getting girls on the face of the earth. I've put an astounding amount of time into perfecting this book, not weeks, or months, but the past two YEARS of my life have been dedicated to this project... and the finished product is nothing short of ground breaking.

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Many similar products out on the market will do nothing more than leave you out $50 and even MORE confused than before. This is because most of the self proclaimed "experts" really don't know any more about picking up women than YOU do, and they have absolutely no proof to show otherwise! There are a few things that I am good at, but the one skill that I can honestly say I have mastered is the art of getting girls... and I can prove it to you BEFORE you decide to buy my book. It is true that I've saved my most prized secrets for this book, but I've also poured a huge amount of my knowledge into this program so have a look around the site if you need to be convinced that I know what I am talking about.

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The free bonuses offered with many of the seduction books online are actually useless trash that the book's author purchases "re-sale rights" to from a 3rd party. They are then offered to you in an attempt to "close the sale" on a product that just isn't worth your time... or your money. I sell a QUALITY product, and I don't feel like I need to use shady tactics in order to trick you into buying it... if you don't buy it because I refuse to throw in a few garbage add-ons, I can live with that.

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